Jasmine Thompson about the magazine:

"This makes me smile every time it comes out!
 Thank you Jasmine Thompson Fanpage and everyone else who puts this together"

What is the JasMag?

The JasMag is an online magazine, dedicated to Jasmine Thompson & her fans all over the world.
Anis & I started this project back in 2014 and released early 2015 the first issue of our fan magazine. The idea was it to bring Jasmine & her fans closer together by showing some really cool arts made by fans, awesome stories about other fans who had met Jasmine in person and to feature some great, upcoming artists.

The magazine was so successful that we were able to release some limited printed versions in the summer 2016.

And so far we had great feat. artists, like Nina Morgan, Martine Singer, Brooke Falls, Lucy Foggo, Sapphire, Kiah Spurle & Jenna Chessall so far. We also have in every issue exclusive photos from Jasmine Thompson that were never published elsewhere.

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